Castello di Grumello

It's the tower that first catches your eye. Follow your gaze and discover something unexpected – a little castle town perched high on a rock, a winery and a team of people working for the wines of Grumello del Monte to delight your senses.


Corporate philosophy is not a monolith. Over the past ten centuries, Castello di Grumello has constantly changed and evolved. The same is still true, because places change with the people who live and work there, and so do their projects.

Our team

It's about day-to-day work: people working together, sharing ideas and finding solutions. Sales, hospitality, the cellar, the vineyard and management... these would be empty words were it not for people behind them, working with skill and passion.


There is a strong link between Grumello del Monte and the Castle, because it is among these vineyards that wine-growing excellence was born in this area, and our estate led the way. With deep roots, we can go far.

The estate

An elegant mansion and a solid business. We are lucky because we grow wine in a magical place, surrounded by centuries of history and driven by the desire to make everything more beautiful.