Our roots are deep and our history is long. Every day, we work hard to make our legacy just as durable. This is what toiling with land and vines is all about: picking up the baton from previous generations and passing it on.


If our walls could speak, they would tell the story of battles between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines, of the Milanese rule – with the Visconti family – and the Venetian domination. It was then the French and later on the bourgeois families who inhabited these rooms. Wine has been at the centre of this long and fascinating historical journey since the mid-19th century, when the first Cabernet Sauvignon vines were planted in Grumello del Monte. For us, the past is not a burden but a responsibility. There is still much to be done and improve on.
We believe an identity should be flexible, capable of adjusting to the times we live in.
The past meets the present in this cosy and elegant country home, where people who knew and loved their land have lived and worked. It's a passion that never wanes, and is the reason why we still open the Castle's rooms, cellar and vineyards to anyone who wants to know more about this extraordinary estate.

To us, Castello di Grumello is an ecosystem. The vines matter as much as the roots, the trees, woods and insects. Most of our job is to maintain the balance of this ecosystem.

Making wines with a modern flavour

We see wines as ever-changing, to keep up with contemporary vintages and tastes. Nature can't be forced, we respect it in the same way as we respect our customers. We aim for freshness, elegance, longevity and vibrancy in our wines.

A tailored approach

Our approach is tailored, which means we take great care with everything we do, training and learning all the time, looking with interest at scientific research and keeping up to date with opportunities for sustainability.