Our wines

Our past makes us proud, but we’re full of plans for the future.
The wines we grow are testament to our respect for tradition whilst reflecting our constant drive for progress and experimentation. Indigenous grape varieties thrive alongside international and Piwi vines.
Like the terroir, wines change over time and feel the vintages, the seasons, the choices made by winemakers and cellar masters.
There's a constant dialogue going on between the wine, the terroir and the wine growers.


Valcalepio Bianco Doc

da €11,00

Le Noci

Vino bianco

da €18,00


IGT Bergamasca Rosso

da €18,00


Valcalepio Doc Rosso

da €13,00


IGT Bergamasca Rosso

da €23,00

Wine is a successful effort to translate the perishable into the permanent.

Jean Arlott

Colle Calvario

Riserva Valcalepio Doc Rosso

da €35,00


Moscato Passito Valcalepio Doc

da €28,00

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